A Guide to Living in Chile (book)

Dr. Cobin’s book, Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers, is the most comprehensive treatise on Chilean life ever written, designed to help newcomers get settled in Chile. He covers almost ever topic imaginable for immigrants. This knowledge is applied in his valet consulting service (see Chile Consulting), where he guides expatriates through the process of finding a place to live and settle in Chile, helping them glide over the speed bumps that they would otherwise face in getting their visas, setting up businesses, buying real estate, investing in Chilean stocks or gold coins, etc. The cost for this electronic book is US$49 and it can be ordered using the PayPal information below.

Dr. Cobin’s sequel book, Expatriates to Chile: Topics for Living, adds even further depth on important topics to expatriates who either live in Chile already or who have Chile on the short list of countries where they hope to immigrate. The book deals with crucial issues pertaining to urban and rural real estate transactions, natural disasters, issues pertaining to emigration and its urgency, money and the quality of life, medical care and insurance, business opportunities, social manifestations (including welfare state and divorce policy concerns), Chile in the freedom indices, social maladies (lying, cheating, stealing, etc.), as well as discussion of a few places worth visiting and some further comments about Santiago. The cost for the sequel is US$39. The funds can be sent by PayPal to jcobin@policyofliberty.net and send an email or PayPal notice that you have completed your order. A download link will be sent to you directly.

Dr. Cobin also has an abridged book (56 pages): Chile: A Primer for Expats (for US$19), that can be purchased using the same method as above.

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  1. The link above to the consulting service seems to be targeted to German speaking expats. Can it be viewed in English?

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