Facts about Chile

Chile is one of the 30 OECD countries, with just under $20,000 USD of GDP per capita (PPP). That means that Chile has become one of the most prosperous non-enclave countries in the world (top 15%), and certainly in Latin America. You will be surprised by the modernity and First World lifestyle afforded in Santiago and Viña del Mar (both less than an hour away from Freedom Orchard), as well as Pucón, Zapallar, Las Brisas (Rocas de Santo Domingo), Puerto Varas and other places. It routinely ranks in the top ten of the economic freedom indices produced by the Heritage Foundation (Washington, DC) and the Fraser Institute (Canada), and top 25 countries for low corruption on Transparency International. Chile, on balance, is far better than most places. It features a combination of traditional family values and free market leaning economic policy. Economic growth remains above 6%, unemployment is under 6% and inflation is under 2%.

For more information, consult Dr. Cobin’s books on Chile. Chile is simply a great place to live. You will not regret your choice to live in Chile.

Chile is certainly the premier safe haven in Latin America and, other than famous tax free enclaves and some islands, probably the best in the world.

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