Your New Life in Chile

Freedom Orchard, July 2013

Are you ready to cross that bridge yet? A dream come true in Chile: sustainable community, delightful amenities, haven for growth. One to four acre building sites. Fifty or ninety-nine acre working organic farms. Free-minded people and traditional family values. Strong property rights and low corruption. A community with hope for the future and opportunity for the present. A lovely setting, not far from major urban centers and Pacific coast beaches.

Visit our Sustainable Community page for more information on how you can participate in the effort.

Freedom Orchard Organics

Pumpkin Farm

Freedom Orchard Organics is our farm management company.

For those interested in the lucrative profits of Chilean agriculture, we offer a partnership for passive investors.  Visit Freedom Orchard Organics  for more information.

For our sustainable community, we will be offering seasonal shares in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project as well as shares in livestock production (meat, raw milk, eggs, etc.) and raw honey.  You will know that your food is raised naturally, sustainably and with your health as our goal.