What Distinguishes Freedom Orchard

Chile has been somewhat of a magnet for libertarians, and thus libertarian communities, in recent years. Other than certain islands and European enclaves like San Marino and Liechtenstein, there are few places in the world which offer libertarians what Chile does. A simple internet search reveals a number of settlement opportunities in play.

In Spanish, Freedom Orchard is called Vergel Libertad, and visitors will see both names used interchangeably for the project. It is a new community development north of Curacaví, Chile, located less than an hour from the best parts of Santiago and the beaches of Viña del Mar.

The land is fertile and the spectacular growing climate makes it one of the best places in Chile to produce crops. We still have a lot to do to improve much of the land and make it ready to farm, and to add infrastructure and amenities. Our plan is to have the basic “urbanization” in place by July 2013, and most of the amenities by the end of the year or the first quarter of 2014. The most enthusiastic newcomers have been visiting Freedom Orchard and are reserving lots and working farms through our pre-sales program.

Freedom Orchard is not the only libertarian sustainable community project moving forward in Chile. You may have heard of another significant development located about three hours south of Santiago. As is widely known, Dr. Cobin found the land that was eventually purchased and is being used for this site near Talca. The concept of Freedom Orchard is similar: create a sustainable community for libertarians and constitutionalists in beleaguered northern hemisphere countries looking for a new place to live. The Freedom Orchard team is pleased to see libertarian communities in Chile form and flourish. We want to encourage libertarians to settle in Chile and are thankful for our counterparts helping to make it happen.

Dr. Cobin is heading a team of experts that can make the dream of Freedom Orchard come true. Dr. Cobin’s partner Germán Eyzaguirre found the land for another group intent on starting a libertarian community as well. No one knows how to find good land and found community projects better than the Freedom Orchard team. There is room for more than one libertarian or constitutionalist community in Chile, and we wish our counterparts well in their efforts. A lot of people are looking to leave there present predicaments and political entanglements. However, everyone is different and each individual coming to Chile will need to decide which community is suits him best. We believe that there are some key distinctive features that will make Freedom Orchard or Vergel Libertad the preferred alternative for most people.

First, Freedom Orchard is a much larger project than any other currently operating (over 3,225 acres, most of which is usable for farmland). We have more than three times the land than competing project south of Santiago, and this land will be used to create more amenities (like a golf course and clubhouse in early 2014) and much greater agricultural production. We also will have other follow-up projects, including a likely corollary project with over 17,000 acres due east of Talca. Most of those lots will be for second homes or “getaway cabañas.”

Second, our team includes an expert in organic agriculture, Frank Szabo, and an expert developer, Germán Eyzaguirre. Germán has 25 years of experience in land development projects in Chile, having sold thousands of lots over more than a dozen developments. We also have a couple young, go-getter, no-nonsense, experienced managers coming on board shortly to help the business flourish. We have a CFO/IT professional who has had managerial accounting and finance roles with aerospace and cable television firms for a couple of decades. We are hardly amateurs.

Dr. Cobin’s experience includes, among other things, having a vast knowledge about Chile itself. He was the host of the radio show “Red Hot Chile” on the Overseas Radio Network in 2012. Simon Black (another important libertarian in Chile) once dubbed him “Dr. Chile” on account of his vast country knowledge. Dr. Cobin is the most widely published economist in Chilean newspapers, with his letters to the editor (very important in Chile, believe it or not) and free market and libertarian opinions being published upwards of 500 times per year across more than thirty newspapers. He is a “known quantity” in Chile to say the least, and an important part in promoting libertarian principles. He is also confident in his role as CEO of Eyzaguirre y Cobin S.A. which is managing the development of Freedom Orchard.

Third, the Freedom Orchard community will have some restrictive covenants to preserve a minimum standard for buildings, but no special libertarian questionnaire will be required. We will also open our community to Chileans which want to live in or near such a community, and integrate a dozen or two 50 and 99 acre farms in the project for those who want to have the benefits of owning their own farm while still being inside the community. All farms in the community must be organic, as specified by contract or restrictive covenant signed at the real estate closing.

Fourth, our project north of Curacaví will have over 700 building lots for sale, mostly 1/2 hectare in size (1.24 acres), although there will be many with as much as 1.5 hectares. We hope to add another 3,000 lots for sale in the project east of Talca (near San Clemente). However, rather than have only forty or fifty lots for sale, we expect that Freedom Orchard will offer many more building sites than any other libertarian community planned in Chile: at least 700 near Curacaví and as many as 3,000 near San Clemente.

Fifth, our main project is far more convenient than other libertarian communities because of its proximity to Santiago and Viña del Mar. It is only 35 minutes away from Santiago’s international airport, too. No other libertarian community in Chile offers that kind of convenience. It is far more convenient to top medical care, good schools, recreation and skiing, first-rate boating facilities, myriad great restaurants, nightlife, shopping and major malls, and more. Having lived in Chile on and off for most of the last 17 years, Dr. Cobin underscores the advantage for newcomers of living near Santiago and First World amenities, as well as having the best shot at finding bilingual professionals to help getting settled in. Ditto for living close to language school facilities for those who need to learn Spanish.

Sixth, Freedom Orchard’s farmland and water situation is better than most rural communities of this size or less. We will have more liters per second of water in wells, plus substantial rights in canal water, than other developments will have, and land and climate that will produce greater annual farm production.

Seventh, our community has a great entry price. Rather than charging USD$200,000 to USD$300,000 per lot, as some communities do, Freedom Orchard are going to charge around USD$95,000 per lot. In fact, we will be offering 35 standard lots (i.e. not lakefront or golf course) at an early buyer price of USD$65,000–over 25% off. The lots around the small lake will have a higher price, not yet determined, but likely to be 50% higher. Either way, our lots are a bargain, especially for those who buy in early before the development is finished. Freedom Orchard does not yet have a shared working farm and produce sharing, but we will before long. We currently have about 60 acres of mature almond and walnut trees plus a number of other acres with oranges, avocados, plums, nectarines and assorted other fruits and vegetables. After initial subdivision in May 2013 and infrastructure are installed around July 2013, the building lots will likely have a different (higher) price, as will any lots left after all the amenities are put in 2014. Our working farms will be priced from USD$1.3MM to USD$2.6MM and a 20% discount applies to them, too, until the reserved early buyer lots have been sold. That is an incredible bargain for a working farm: land tilled, irrigated, fumigated and planted with your first crop. [Please note that working farm will be required to be organic]. We will be offering in-house financing for the working farms only, for those who put down at least 20%. Our secondary phase (near San Clemente) will feature considerably lower pricing, providing other relaxing benefits and possible fruit tree production. In our view, Freedom Orchard will be one of the finest values and the best overall deal for most libertarian newcomers.

Eighth, we will run passive investment farms for people, even if they do not live in Chile, through our affiliate company: Freedom Orchard Organics, headed by Frank Szabo. For those who want to have some of their money “out of the country” and put into an inflation-proof commodity, Chilean farmland provides a great opportunity. And the farmland will be part of Freedom Orchard or nearby. Freedom Orchard Organics will run the entire farming operation and profits will be split with the passive investor.

Ninth, through an affiliate company, we offer a complete VIP residency package for newcomers looking to obtain temporary visas through permanent residency, starting at USD$2,995. See www.chile-consulting.cl for details. Rather than leave you in a lurch, Freedom Orchard affiliates will help you with your transition to Chile. Consulting services are also available to help with containers of household goods, buying a gun, bringing gold or pets, and more.

You will not regret moving to Chile. It is a great place to live. Dr. Cobin was recently in southern Europe,  having visited crumbling economic and political infrastructure, replete with employment and high tax problems. Everyone loves to see the European countryside and its Old World cities, but our team is always glad to get back to our beloved Chile. Life in Europe is a hassle, regulated and expensive. The same is true of the “land of the free.” So why bother with them? Get your own start on the road to freedom today via Freedom Orchard!

If you have further questions about Freedom Orchard or would like to attend a tour, please send a note with contact details via the contact form on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I live in Santiago and would like to come to your office sometime soon. What are your hours? I also would like to catch one of your tours of Freedom Orchard next week. 23AUG13

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