Freedom Orchard – Curacaví

Freedom Orchard, or Vergel Libertad, is destined to become Galt’s Gulch in Chile.

Please click on the following link for a full Prospectus of the project: Freedom Orchard Brochure

John Galt is the protagonist in Ayn Rand’s famous novel Atlas Shrugged. He determined that he would not use his talents to support the welfare/warfare/high-taxed/overly-regulated state and built a high-tech colony called “Galt’s Gulch” to where productive scientists, entrepreneurs and other talented people could escape from statist slavery and be free to create value and thrive. Instead of fighting the “system” such people would simply leave and form their own colony of talented people without ties to such an overbearing state. In doing so, the world would learn that oppressing productive people has disastrous consequences since the parasitic state cannot survive without the productive host. Freedom is the best solution for achieving economic success rather than statism. Libertarians, constitutionalists and some conservatives are drawn to living in such a place. In today’s world, Galt’s Gulch can best be attained in Freedom Orchard, a relatively free country by means of establishing a sustainable community. And for various reasons Chile is perhaps the best place on earth to realize this goal, in particular within the Freedom Orchard community. The main project, Freedom Orchard—Curacaví, is now going online. There will be 1,100 to 1,800 building lots and a dozen farms offered for sale on this 3,200 acre parcel. Freedom Orchard—San Clemente (Talca), a getaway place a few hours south of town and not far from Simon Black’s Sovereign Valley Farm, will be ramped up later in 2013. There will be as many as 3,000 building lots and a dozen fruit tree farms offered for sale on this 17,000 acre parcel.

The Freedom Orchard—Curacaví project will be in pre-sales stage in order to encourage early buyers. 35 standard building lots (i.e. not lakefront or golf course) will be reserved for sale at $65,000 as well as 5 twenty-hectare lots. After the initial reserve lots are sold, all will be listed at full price as roadways and other infrastructure are installed. Long term there will be fishing areas and a golf course with clubhouse. Purchase inquiries can be sent using the Contact Us page. We have built some information on payment methods that you may be interested in exploring.

Key facts about Freedom Orchard—Curacaví:

Freedom Orchard—Curacaví is located just north of Curacaví, which is in the central-Chile region:

· Utilities will be installed: water system, electricity production, fishing, livestock, organic fruits and vegetables, along with recreational facilities.
· 50-55 minutes to Santiago
· 45-50 minutes to Viña del Mar’s beaches and casino
· 30 minutes to the international airport
· 15 minutes to modern grocery stores, hardware stores and restaurants
· Lots (1.24 acres or ½ hectares) affordably priced, starting from $95,000 USD
· Lake lots (1.24 acres or ½ hectares), will also be available.
· Some larger lots: 1, 1½ and 2 hectares will be available.
· Landscaping, fencing, and garden installation services available
· Farms of 20 or 40 hectares (50 or 99 acres) available, either in raw land form or prepared and ready to farm
· Passive investment farming services on a 50/50 basis
· Home builders provided at a reasonable price, usually around USD$50 per square foot
· No libertarian philosophy quiz required for admission; minimal restrictive covenants
· Visa and residency services available: see for details

Google Earth coordinates for the property are:

Caretaker House Parking Lot
S 33° 17.8201
W 71° 06.891´
Alt. 265 meters
NW Corner in Riverbed
S 33° 16.698´
W 071° 07.381´
Alt. 267 meters
SW Corner in Riverbed
S 33° 18.675´
W 071° 07.814´
Alt. 269 meters
Walnut Grove Overlook
S 33° 17.842´
W 071° 06.825´
Alt. 284 meters
Lake SW Corner (or NE Corner of Almond grove)
S 33° 17.024´
W 071° 06.805´
Alt. 281 meters