Executive Summary

Freedom Orchard is a concept and brand that embodies a philosophy of life which is of growing interest to American, Australian and European libertarians and social conservatives who value the importance of self-sufficiency through living in a sustainable community which has its own water, electricity and organic, radiation-free food supply.

The four current projects of Freedom Orchard in Chile provide different aspects of the development idea:
· to provide high quality, independent, organic, basic living
· to offer recreation and enjoyment in the mountains and beach, and
· to provide an attractive quality of life for foreign immigrants and Chileans alike

A destination medical tourism facility (non-traditional medicine), luxury and recreation services, along with eco-tourism, all relatively close to major metro areas, are also included in the Freedom Orchard vision.

The market for freedom-lovers looking to expatriate, or establish a “Plan B” residence, is expanding quickly.  The high demand, among mostly wealthy, would-be immigrants, creates the focus for our international marketing.  In addition, Freedom Orchard will be very attractive to the booming Chilean market for luxury and getaway building lots.

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