Your New Life in Chile

Freedom Orchard, July 2013

Are you ready to cross that bridge yet? A dream come true in Chile: sustainable community, delightful amenities, haven for growth. One to four acre building sites. Fifty or ninety-nine acre working organic farms. Free-minded people and traditional family values. Strong property rights and low corruption. A community with hope for the future and opportunity for the present. A lovely setting, not far from major urban centers and Pacific coast beaches.

Visit our Sustainable Community page for more information on how you can participate in the effort.

One thought on “Your New Life in Chile

  1. Just posted on FaceBook:

    Woo hoo! We got our 100th “Like”!

    There’s so much going on. I haven’t posted much recently.

    We have a professional video crew coming out this week to do a virtual tour of the project. It should be up on the website in about two weeks.

    The topo map and lot subdivisions should be finalized soon. I’m meeting with the topographer tomorrow. We should end up with digital images so that people can click on an available lot and see aerial photos of it.

    We have engineers and other tradesmen actively working on the farm. I’m looking forward to these initial activities being completed.

    We will be writing a newsletter soon so people can be better informed of our progress. Of course, I’ll post a link to it here when we do.

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